Don't put your nice 4x4 through another Chicago winter!

Plows must now be ordered and we have been experiencing a week wait until they are delivered.

Plows feature remote electric up and down movement, and can be position either left, right, or straight.

    -Golf cars are much smaller and more maneuverable than a full size truck
    -Able to move snow into a specific area so you don't have to sacrifice driveway space or pile it up in your neighbors yard
    -Great for sidewalks and parking lots
    -Good fuel economy.  Less than a tank (5 gallons) for a whole season with a long driveway
    -Electric cars work great too, don't forget to keep your batteries charged and hydrated in the winter!
    -Don't worry about being snowed in while waiting for a busy snow maintenance company  

    Plow Assembly - $950
    Installation - $200
    Tax - $66.50
    Lugged rear tires (optional) - $85 ea. + tax

Don't think a golf car can do what you need?  Think again...


We use a basic gasoline golf car to plow our entire lot (shown left).  The only upgrades are a little extra weight in the back, and lugged rear tires.